Sapato Mocassim Var Soft - Couro Legítimo - Frete Grátis Rinove
Sapato Mocassim Var Soft - Couro Legítimo - Frete Grátis Rinove
Sapato Mocassim Var Soft - Couro Legítimo - Frete Grátis Rinove
Sapato Mocassim Var Soft - Couro Legítimo - Frete Grátis Rinove
Sapato Mocassim Var Soft - Couro Legítimo - Frete Grátis Rinove
Sapato Mocassim Var Soft - Couro Legítimo - Frete Grátis Rinove
Sapato Mocassim Var Soft - Couro Legítimo - Frete Grátis Rinove
Sapato Mocassim Var Soft - Couro Legítimo - Frete Grátis Rinove
Sapato Mocassim Var Soft - Couro Legítimo - Frete Grátis Rinove

Men's Var Soft Premium Loafers

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Say goodbye to uncomfortable shoes that squeeze and hurt your feet with the Var Soft Loafers!

And meet our beloved Var Soft Loafers, super comfortable, stylish, and practical! Made with leather and hand-finished, this shoe will provide you with everything you need in your daily life!

Sapato Mocassim Var Soft - Couro Legítimo - Frete Grátis Rinove

Pain relief for feet and joints

Designed with advanced technology to provide a more stable and smooth stride.

This reduces pressure and impact on your feet and joints, which can help relieve pain.

Orthopedic insole

Super Soft and Flexible.

Ideal adaptation to the shape of the feet.

Made with premium and selected leather, with a soft and flexible touch. In addition to being super resistant, which increases the durability and lifespan of the shoe.

Friction and Odor Resistant.

Ideal for sensitive feet.

Lined in premium leather, which controls foot temperature and prevents odors. In addition to preventing injuries caused by friction.

Ultra Lightweight, Resistant, and Non-slip.

More safety and stability.

Due to the P.U sole, it is super light. The heel it has ensures more stability and safety when walking, in addition to correcting posture and relieving pain.

Impact and Anatomical

More safety for the joints.

The gel insole has an amazing cushioning system, capable of reducing impacts with the ground while you walk. And its anatomical shape reduces pain and discomfort in the plantar region of the foot.

Practical and Perfect Fit.

More internal space.

With the elongated shape, it offers more internal space to avoid that feeling of tightness in the feet. In addition, it does not have laces, which facilitates putting on daily and aims to provide the perfect fit.

Main Benefits

Light Steps without Pain: Revolutionizes the way you walk, offering unparalleled comfort and instantly relieving pain and discomfort.

Style and Elegance: With a modern and elegant design, it combines impeccable style and supreme comfort.

Anatomical Insole: Fits perfectly to the contours of your feet, providing personalized support for the arch and promoting correct posture while walking.

High-Quality Materials: Manufactured with premium first-class materials, it is synonymous with durability, resistance, and long-lasting comfort, ensuring that you enjoy its benefits for a long time.

Versatile Design: Handmade with details, Perfect for all occasions and personal styles.


Our shoes are of artisanal excellence. With sophisticated finishing, and reinforced stitching between the upper and the sole.

Why choose Var Soft Titanium?

  • It is a special shoe to provide extreme comfort and freedom;
  • It is not just a shoe that aims for style, it values well-being and quality of life;
  • Our manual processes guarantee incredible and unique quality in manufacturing;
  • Great cost-benefit with competitive prices without losing its essence;
  • Modern and stylish, perfect for any occasion;

It is indicated for:

  • People looking for comfort, practicality, high standard of quality, and well-being;
  • People who suffer from: uncomfortable shoes, tight shoes, causing discomfort and discomfort;
  • For people who work or spend a lot of time standing;
  • For people looking for a versatile shoe for any occasion.


  • Material: Genuine Leather and Denim/Padded Reinforcement;
  • Sole Material: Injected Rubber and P.U gel;
  • Insole: Anatomical gel;
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  • Hassle-free returns up to 30 days after delivery
  • 24/7 customer support to assist you with any questions

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We take customer satisfaction seriously, and our top priority is the customer experience. We offer a 30-DAY MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE to all our customers for any issues with our products that may affect your experience.

We value all our amazing customers and will do whatever it takes to ensure that you are always with us!



The shoes I bought at this store are very comfortable and exceeded my expectations. They didn't hurt my feet after wearing them all day, they are well-made! Happy with my purchase.

Noah Davis
Seattle, WA

I found this brand on facebook and was a little sceptical at first because I have never heard of them before. I received my order fast and in excellent condition. Clothing is true to size, good quality and price is very reasonable.

Meredith Sanchez
Los Angeles, CA

I had a question about the product specifications, and the customer service responded within minutes. They assisted me throughout the purchasing process. Congratulations, you have gained a loyal customer!

Tyler Avery
Austin, TX

Ever since I discovered Hayes Carter, I've been buying a lot from there. They have everything, with excellent quality, and their delivery is very fast. They have always served me very well!

Isabella Martinez
Boca Raton, FL

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